Friday, October 30, 2015

NaNoWriMo Is Back - Now With Local Podcast!

The month of November looms nigh, so it's time to get a-writing again. This year I haven't had any time to plan out the Choose Your Own Adventure Whisper novel I was hoping for, so instead I've reached waaaaay back into my pot of unused ideas and am going to wing it with a silly, random time travel exercise I'm calling The Hanged Man. I imagine this novel is going to be goofy and useless enough that it'll never see the light of day anywhere, even on this blog - so NaNo should be extra fun this time around.

Also fun: I got interviewed for a podcast on by the most excellent Carla Jean Whitley. Go give it a listen! I'm pretty enthused by how well it turned out.

Since I'm in the midst of a move to Atlanta, this will be my last year as Municipal Liaison for the Birmingham NaNo region. It's been a fun five years, but as with Write Club it's now time to turn over the reigns to someone with fresh ideas. I imagine that in the future I'll drop in on the forums from time to time to see how things are going, and also to let people know if and when that next Whisper novel ever goes up.

Here's a treat for anyone stopping by my blog during this year's NaNo: the first story I ever sold! Here it is, warts and all, from the 2010 issue of Shelter of Daylight. Enjoy:

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