Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Write Club Flash Fiction Night 2013

Flash Fiction Night 2013 from Hoover Library on Vimeo.

At last, I'm back! And I bring video.

The Hoover Library Write Club's 4th Annual (!) Flash Fiction Night was held on March 19. The video is above, the list of wonderful presenters and their stories are below:

Lindsey Robinson de Sanchez - “Journey of the Ladybug”

Octavia Kuransky - “Stars That See, Stars That Do Not See”
(for Marvin Bell)

Carly Koenig - “Firstborn”

Larry Hensley - “Eyes”

Chuck Allen - “Little Girls and Lightning Bugs”

Robert Caldwell - “Gathering at the Bubble”

Robyn Cornell - “I Was Flawless”

Ray Busler - “The Leap”

Rowan Macey - “A Walk on the Moors”

Beth Stewart - “Anticipatory Grief”

R.J. Head - “Down in the Well”

Jared Millet - “The Dragonfly King”