Monday, July 2, 2018

The Escape Hatch

Okay, my long-neglected readers. It's time to let you in on my side-project that's about to become my main project, as far as writing for public consumption goes. It's called The Escape Hatch.

Yes, I'm afraid it's a travel blog. And it's going to be awesome. Because, dear friends, my wife and I have decided to quit our jobs and travel around South America for a year. Our budget will not give much room for easy travel, so we're going to be roughing it and busing it all the way from Quito to Tierra del Fuego, then back up the Atlantic to Brazil, and topped with a jaunt to Columbia before even thinking about day jobs again.

I gave the travel blog thing a trial run in Guatemala back in May. Now that it's ready for the masses and I'm about to jump off the travel-writing cliff, feel free to click on over and subscribe for updates.

Any non-travel writing news will be posted here, of course. Until then, I'll see you 'round the hemisphere!