Thursday, February 4, 2010

Status Update

One of my goals this year is to write a short story a month unless I'm actively working on a novel. That goal served me well for the four months it lasted last summer, producing: a mystery story that has vanished into the small press ether, the science fiction piece that got honorable mentioned at Writers of the Future, my first sale (yay, me!) and a flash fiction short that I'm currently not sure what to do with.

I made my deadline (barely) and finished the short story I was working on in January. I'm really happy about that, since it's the first story I've actually finished in a while. Now it's in for a polish before I set it adrift in the Great Slush Pile in the Sky. On tap for this month: two flash fiction shorts to share at the Hoover Library Write Club's Flash Fiction Night in March. (I hate using that many proper nouns in a row, by the way.) Also, I'm going to crank out draft 4 of Daughters of Majadan even though I know it'll probably never see the light of day. It's the one thing I've written that I'm most proud of, so I want to see it sanded down properly before I set it on the shelf.

Up on deck for the following month: a steampunk short that's creeping around in the dungeons of my mind and prep-work for a second stab at my once-again-untitled Hector Crade novel that I abandoned after NanoWrimo.

I may not be a pro, but at least I feel like a serious amateur. In the "neat crap on the Web" department, I just added a widget to the left hand column that shows you my most recent Goodreads reviews.

Okay, then. Back to work.