Monday, October 20, 2014

Smells Like NaNoWriMo

Well, it's that time of year again, and not a moment too soon. As my lack of activity on this blog will indicate, my writerly ambitions have been lying fallow this past year. However, an unexpected short story sale (which will appear in the very next issue of Leading Edge, hip-hip-hooray) has spurred me to action.

Last year my crazy NaNo stunt was to write a 50's pulp serial and post it chapter-by-chapter right here on this blog. This year's crazy stunt will be to write... dun dun DUHNN ... 10 short stories in 30 days.

I'm hereby dubbing this November's lunacy The Dragonfly King and Other Stories.

The title piece was originally a story I did for Flash Fiction Night two years ago, but I haven't posted it here because I felt that it was too truncated at 1000 words. I plan to rewrite it from scratch, give it a little more breathing room, and should the gods smile upon me I'd like to shop it around after all is said in done. In fact, what I'm hoping to get out of this year's NaNo are a bunch of story drafts that I can polish up in 2015 and set loose into the wild.

And just in case anyone cares, one of the shorts will feature my hero from last year, The Whisper, and I'll publish his new adventure right here on this blog, where he belongs.

Let the games begin!