Thursday, August 13, 2015

And a Swell Time Was Had By All

So I did that one-day SF mini-con put on by the Hoover Public Library, and it was a blast. There were gaming tracks, panels, trivia, a costume contest, and (since this was at a library after all) lots and lots of authors. Van Allen Plexico was in attendance, as were David Alastair Hayden and Pepper Thorn. I got to moderate a panel consisting of (above, L-R) S.L. Duncan, Lou Anders, J.F. Lewis, and Ingrid Seymour. Read their stuff.

Birmingham is in desperate need of a regular SF convention. Alabama Phoenix Festival was fantastic, but there were complications that prevented it from happening this year. It's good to know that our local libraries are willing to fill the void and pick up the slack.

Oh, and check it out: Here's the second half of my new Whisper story!

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