Friday, November 1, 2013

The Whisper : Start Here

It isn't the hail of bullets through the windshield of his Packard coupe that shatters Allan Jones's life. It's the invisible man shooting back in the seat beside him.

Jones is a newshound on the trail of an old informant: a trail he hopes will lead to the scoop of a lifetime. Instead, he winds up wanted by government agents and threatened by a sinister cabal wielding weapons of super-science. A mysterious phantom benefactor saves him from harm one minute while leading him to danger the next, and though Jones owes him his life several times over, he can't help but wonder... Who is The Whisper?

The Whisper is my crazy project for National Novel Writing Month 2013, in which while writing my 30-day novel I'm posting it online as an old-fashioned pulp serial. This page will (hopefully) serve as a convenient entry point for those just coming to the adventure.


Chapter 1: The Phantom Wiseguy

Chapter 2: The Last Testament of Hugo Harvey

Chapter 3: Death or Consequences

Chapter 4: The Conspiracy Beat

Chapter 5: A Wire Act

Chapter 6: I Was the Man Who Died Twice

Chapter 7: Play It Again

Chapter 8: Question and Answer

Chapter 9: Out of Time

Chapter 10: What Goes Around

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