Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos: Covers and Contents!

Our friends at Kerlak Publishing / Dark Oak Press just unleashed a double-barrel blast of Steampunk! My own story, "The Peace Machine," appears in volume 4. I see a lot of returning contributors from the first two volumes, and a lot of newcomers as well. A special shout-out to my friend Louise Herring-Jones who also appeared in Summer Gothic. Welcome to the party!

Dreams of Steam III: Gadgets
Gift of Light - Stephen Zimmer
Steampunk Alchemy - Jodi Adamson
The Survivor - M.B. Weston
Heart of Steel - Len Berry
A Steam Bunny Adventure - Sean Taylor
Time and the Wrinkled Prostitute - Brandon Black
The Brass Peregrine - David R. Tabb
The Last Frontier - H. David Blalock
The Constance of Memory - Stacy Tabb
When Edgar Speaks - Alexander S. Brown
The Tower - Laura H. Smith
Steaming Cherry - Tyree Campbell
The Clockwork Gin - Eden Royce
The Great Steamship Race - Rob Cerio
The Soul of the Sky Queen - Patricia M. Rose

Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos
Miss Alice Grayson and the Specter of Death - Stephen D. Rogers
Commander Tesla and the Zeppelins - Philip R. Cox
Monsters from the ID - Herika R. Raymer
The Book - J.L. Mulvihill
Second Chances - Dwayne Debardelaben
The Peace Machine - Jared Millet
For the Hate of Steam - Missa Dixon
The Clockwork Cockroaches of Thelema - Cindy Macleod
Three Poems - Jerri Hardesty
Kaylana - D. Alan Lewis
Just Like Clockwork - Melinda Lefevers
In Deep - Kirk Hardesty
The Clockwork Gunslingers - Robert J. Krog
Fire on the Mountain - John Hartness
Queen of Steam - Louise Herring-Jones
Estrella Waits - Kathryn Hinds
The Unseen Hand - Allan Gilbreath
Meridian - Kimberly Richardson
The Finder's Keeper - Jason Cordova

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