Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alabama Phoenix Festival - May 25-27!

I can't believe this is almost upon us - the Alabama Phoenix Festival, Birmingham's brand new science fiction & fantasy convention, at which I will be attending as a guest!

Why have I not made a bigger deal of this before now? Probably because of the nagging fear that if I called attention to the fact that I was attending not just as a fan but as editor of Summer Gothic, the gods would take notice and find some way to smite me. Wrong thing to do, I know, especially when I should be in promote promote promote mode.

Anyhow, the convention will be held at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center on Hwy 280 (conveniently close to my house, no less) from May 25-27. (Right during my 10th wedding anniversary. The gods aren't the only ones who might smite me.)

In addition to selling and signing copies of Summer Gothic (Did I order too many? Not enough?) I'll be participating in a number of panel discussions, such as "The Bloody Pulps," "What Editors Look For," "Gardeners vs. Architects," and "Dead Authors Society."

Good times! Hopefully I'll get a breather in there to go raid the dealer's room.

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