Friday, March 30, 2012

Write Club Flash Fiction Night 2012!

Check it out! It's my first blog post in months that doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with Summer Gothic, now available as an ebook for both Kindle and Nook for the low, low price of $4.99.

Oops. Sorry.

This year the Write Club put on a fantastic program, with as diverse a range of stories as we've ever had (including one story-poem and a short play). In program order, the stories are:

Sean DeArmond – “The Unseen Kingdom”

Tommie Willis – Burl’s Recovery : “Prologue”

Carol Wild – “The Jeremiah Version”

Larry Hensley – “Plumbing 101: Real World Meets YouTube”

Emily Cutler – “Going for the Laughs”
(performed by Sean DeArmond and Sarah Virginia Brock)

Sandy Bergeron – “Dear Publisher’s Clearing House”

Robert Caldwell – Bulwer Lytton entries

Leslie L. Golden – “When You Marry Trash”

Lara Penney – “Stray Wolf”

Phil Fishman – “The Ring”

Mary Rees – “Magic”

Michael Virga – “The Woman with the White Veil”

Denise Dupree – “Bad Timing: Revelations”

Jason Head – “A Nefarious Cousin”

Ray Busler – “The Library Tale”

Jared Millet – “Rocket Science”

And an excellent time was had by all!

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