Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreams of Steam II: Cover and Contents!

It looks like Kerlak is about to unleash its next steampunk anthology, Brass and Bolts, into the wild. Apparently the original Dreams of Steam was so successful that this one's coming out in hardback, trade paper, and ebook formats, available for ordering soon!

Once again, the host of this party is the esteemed Kimberly Richardson. My own contribution is a semi-sequel to last year's "Dead Man's Hand." That piece was essentially a haunted house story (with robots), but "Jumping the Rails" is more of a straight out adventure in the turn-of-the-century West.

Here's hoping that this collection is even more fun than the last one!


Of Heroes and Airships - Victor Lorthos
Death With A Glint Of Bronze - Sean Taylor
For The Fear Of Steam - Missa Dixon
Dreams Of Freedom - Len Berry
The Real Magic - H. David Blalock
The Third Eye - Alexander S. Brown
In Tesla's Court - Robert Cerio
Commander Tesla Versus The Holy Roman Empire - Phillip R. Cox
Protege - Dwayne DeBardelaben
The Perfect Woman - Kara Ferguson
The Tale Of Lady Helvetica - Christopher Friesen
The Locked Door - Allan Gilbreath
Great Minds - Jeff Ollen Harris
Grass Elephant - M. Keaton
Cicada Summer - Jon Klement
The Big Golden Apple - Cindy MacLeod
The Automated Man - Alli Martin
Jumping The Rails - Jared Millet
Chilled Meat - J. L. Mulvihill
Steam Race - Herika R. Raymer
Winnet's Octavian - Laura H. Smith
The Devil's Children - Angelia Sparrow and Joy Coop
The Boys In The Boiler Room - David Tabb
Bedeviled - Nick Valentino
The Island Sojourn - Stephen Zimmer

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