Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flash Fiction Night - The Movie!

Flash Fiction - Open Mike Night 2011 from Hoover Library on Vimeo.

Featured Stories

"The Fourth" by Anne Breen

"The Button" by Sean DeArmond

"Freedom" by Phil Fishman

"The Road" by Emily Cutler

"Aiko, My Little Loved One" by Lisa Dolensky

"Bad Timing" by Denise Dupree

Poems: "Kay-as" & "Magus" by Carly Koenig

"The Tree of Many Leaves" by Larry Hensley

"Momma Said" by Carol Jolley

"Clara's Tail" by David Oser

"Fire" by Jared Millet

"Imaginary Stepmother" by Mary Rees

A few observations: The program went very well this year. (Last year it ran a little long.) All the presenters did a wonderful job.

We actually had two mikes on stage - one for the readers and one for the MCs. The MC mike doesn't show up in the shot, which is why it appears on video as if each author is being introduced by a disembodied voice.

I wish the mike had been able to pick up more of the audience noise. There were laughs and chuckles throughout (at appropriate moments, of course) that don't quite come across in the video. Also, I had no idea that the stage lighting would turn my green shirt brown. Next year I'll stick with red.

While I don't expect anyone who doesn't already know me to stumble across this video, in case that happens: That little grimace/choke/cough thing I do occasionally? Tourette Syndrome. Trust me, it used to be a lot worse.


  1. In the disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow, several survivors are camping in the New York Public Library and use the books as fuel for a campfire to keep from freezing to death. One of the survivors, a librarian, protests this decision, while another survivor suggests that they burn all of the tax books.

  2. Ah. Never saw it, actually. Still, it's only logical. At least stone tablets will survive the apocalypse. The Egyptians will outlive us all.