Sunday, December 5, 2010

No time to blog, Dr. Jones

I meant to stop by earlier for the post-Nano wrap up, but life has been a tornado for the last couple of weeks. The universe kept getting in the way of my writing this month, but by the Power of Grayskull and sheer bloody-mindedness, I was able to hammer through to the end. For the last week or more, I was clocking a good 2,200 - 2,500 words per day, and I still barely made the finish for a final tally of 50,211 individual words of prose.

So am I done? Not on the life of your mother.

I haven't had a chance to work on it at all for the last few days - that adventure resumes tomorrow. When it does, however, I'm still looking down the barrel of at least 80K to go before the first draft of this puppy is put to bed. Then, off to write some other things and back later next year for Draft 2.

The big question to ponder here is: does Nano still work for me? I'd have to say yes. I've done more actual writing this last month in in the rest of the preceding year combined, despite my delusional New Year resolution of "one story per month." That delusion might return next year; we'll have to see. Up on deck after the current novel is done: go back and finish "The Century War," keep my other unsold stories in circulation, do draft #9 of The Blood Prayer, and get that puppy out to market. Speaking of markets...

2010 Local Author Expo

Yesterday I attended my first ever Author Event! The Local Author Expo is an event put on by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library to give all of our self-published and indie-press writers a place to get their books out in front of the public, at least for the day. The fact that it was the same day as the SEC Championship didn't deter anyone; this was our biggest year yet, despite the fact that we had to cut the program down from two days to only one. And, most importantly of all, I actually sold books! A big thanks to everyone who attended, especially those who shopped at my booth.

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