Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dreams of Steam is now for sale!

It's officially gone from "coming soon" to "get yours today."

Read about it at Kerlak's website and order your copy online at
Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Get to it!

Table of Contents:
Flight of the Dragon - Rachel Pixie
Dead Man's Hand - Jared Millet
The Bunker - Stephanie Osborn
Black Rhino - M. Keaton
The Ballad of Angelina Calamity - Angelia Sparrow
Endeavour of the Rose - Sidney M. Reese
Blood and Brass - Kimberly Richardson
Five Copper Bowls - Dale Carothers
For the Love of Steam - Missa Dixon
In the Mountain Skies - Stephen Zimmer
Harry Was One of Us - Sara M. Harvey
Engine 316 - Nick Valentino
An Odd Demise - Allan Gilbreath
Artificial Love - Dwayne DeBardelaben
Phoenix - H. David Blalock
Ultimate Weapon - Jeff Harris
Long Shots - Kirk Hardesty

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