Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Note

Just got Honorable Mentioned again at Writers of the Future, so I guess I better get serious on queueing up another story.

WotF's honorable mentions are nice - they're the nicest form rejection letter you can receive - but they still don't tell much except that you're in the upper few percent of the marginally competent. What I find myself wondering, though, is if a story doesn't even make the semi-finals, is it even worth sending out to other pro markets? Logic would say "Of course" because you never know what another editor will think. Impatience says to go ahead and get it out there to the semi-pros, just so you can put it behind you.

Right now, a more polished draft of my first Wotf HM story is sitting in the slush pile at one of the "Big Three" scifi digests, so I guess I'll see how that one fares before making any rash decisions.

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