Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Half There

Been a while since I posted here, so here's a Nano update. Just passed the halfway point for the 50K challenge, but I still haven't got to the end of Act One yet. Judging by my past efforts, this book smells like a 90-100K critter, and I'll probably be working on it until Christmas.

I have a "no one reads my first draft" rule, but I make an exception for the rough excerpt I post on my Nano profile. The current title of the book is Waking the Sky. When I came up with the original concept back in grad school, I called it Gods of Air but between then and now the original titular characters are no longer in the story at all. After I chunked them, I wanted to call the book The Daylight War, but apparently that's already taken. I'm hoping that before the end I'll come up with a better handle for the story. I'm open to suggestions.

Oh well. Back to work!

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